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How Infinitas can help you.

Infinitas Engineering provides technical solutions in all areas of software and system design and development of complex CGF systems. In particular, we provide technical expertise in following areas:

Computer Generated Forces

Support full life cycle engineering of real-time simulation systems with emphasis in software design and development including: system architecture, physical modeling, behavioral modeling and cultural modeling.

  • Constructive and Virtual simulation system configuration management and integration
  • Software System Fielding and Training Support
  • Simulation Center integration and technical support
  • Proposal generation support
  • Program management support including all project life-cycle phases such as proposal, cost analysis, technical approach development, delivery order execution and closeout, contract support and project control
  • Government Acceptance Testing (GAT) support 

Virtual Simulation Systems

We provide gaming expertise and solutions using various cutting edge engines including CryEngine, UDK, Maya, PhotoShop, etc., in areas such as

  • 3D Modeling and Animation
  • Concepting Modeling and Texturing
  • Scenario/Terrain/Rigging and Animation
  • Integration of virtual simulations with constructive simulations

DoD Research and Development

We provide reserach and development solutions in areas such as system architecture development, military platform physical modeling, complex military behavioral modeling, Case-based Reasoning and Cultural Modeling.

Manned/Unmanned Tactical Weapons Systems

We support full life cycle engineering development/production/testing activities of real-world manned and unmanned tactical weapons systems/vehicles, software, and hardware components with an emphasis on the following:

  • Test case, procedure, plan, and report, document development.
  • Conducting software iteration testing, systems integration testing, encrypted video testing, verification & validation testing, in both lab environments as well as U.S. military grounds/airspace.
  • Directing/executing formal tests, analyzing test results, and accepting software and hardware components.
  • Testing with a wide range of Systems Radar, Radio Frequencies, High PRF, & High Range Resolution wave-forms and signals.

Requirements Generation/Analysis/Trace-ability

We support full life cycle development of program/product requirements along with stakeholders and mission partners, with an emphasis on the following:

  • Requirements analysis, trade studies, requirements derivation, design review support, integration planning, test, verification, risk management and engineering analysis.
  • Drafting and maintaining system level requirements, to include interface and compliance requirements, from approved recommendations.
  • Drafting and maintaining function Level requirement allocations to the customer's specifications.